Outdoor Roller Hockey

Stop playing roller hockey on concrete and switch to our Flex Court tile system. Let your kids enjoy the safety of hitting slap shots on our modular flooring system. Enjoy the comfort of knowing where your children are and keeping them active and safe on a Multi-Game Court by Pinnacle Court Systems.

Our orthopedic all-weather sports surface helps protect against long-term sports injuries. Our modular court surface was originally invented and patented based on an orthopedic surface concept of reducing both lateral and vertical stresses for the sole purpose of providing a fatigue reducing and impact absorbing court surface.

Our system also offers tremendous benefits such as up to 50% reduction in heat, no free standing water from ¾” drain free height and reduce maintenance.

A Flex Court designed and built on your site can typically include:

  • Reinforced Concrete Pad
  • Flex Court Tile available in 18 Standard Colors
  • Single or Double Basketball Hoop System with Glass Backboard and Break Away Rim
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Net System for Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball,etc.
  • Single or Multiple 500 to 1500 Watt Light Source based on court size
  • 10’ or 20’ Rebounder System for practice
  • Fencing System, 5’ to 10’ height

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